Introverted Stand

introverted deserted

left and abandoned

beside an extrovert

lost in others overwhelming noises

              my voice meek

in a sea of roaring conversation

stuck by your side

my voice is voiced by you

otherwise i’d be mute

you overpower and

i let you because

how can an introvert stand

against an extrovert

it’s not right it’s not normal

an introvert stand up

             how absurd

because i hide behind others and

inside giant hoodies

how could someone like me

stand up to someone like you

              i can’t

because introverts

against extroverts




so i’m breaking from my shell

exposing my terrified self

taking a stand for myself

before i’m washed away by your tidal wave

my voice shy at first but soon

i can be shouting like you

because i refuse to be

               your introvert





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