Howell High School’s talented writers finally have a meeting ground.

The Loch is Howell High School’s first online literary magazine, a place where original writing can be seen by the student body. Treat this as your place to sound off on whatever (school appropriate) topic is on your mind. Whether it’s nonfiction, creative writing, or poetry, students can submit original work to be a part of this unique showcase. There are virtually no limits on submissions, and  students may submit as many times as they’d like. Just email submissions to hhslochsubmissions@gmail.com for the chance to see it here- we’ll reply with a link when it’s live on the website! Be sure to look for our Twitter notification on the handle @TheLochMagazine and retweet your piece to your followers.

The Loch is thrilled to publish the 2016-2017 Third Edition of this magazine. Just as loch comes from the Scottish word meaning lake or pool, The Loch is a “pooling of talents” for students grades 9-12.

So what are you waiting for? Carpe diem. Seize the day and write!


Anna Owens


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